For all types of construction needs

  • 31 YEARS

    The technology has evolved since 1989 and continues to evolve year on year.


    Applicable in all climates and weather conditions.

  • 10 X FASTER

    Mariseal is applied 10 times faster than its analogues.

A seamless membrane

Mariseal makes it impossible for moisture to penetrate through the membrane, so there will never be thermal bridges that break the seal when in contact with negative temperatures.

  • Mariseal is vapour permeable, the building 'breathes'.
  • Forms a seamless membrane with no possibility of leaks.
  • 600-2500%

    The high elasticity of the coating maintains the watertightness of the structure.

  • 25 YEARS

    25 year warranty. 2 to 3 times longer than other waterproofing systems.

  • 2.5 TIMES

    lasts longer than other waterproofing materials.

Expert selection of waterproofing for your applications

  • Mariseal 250 Basic waterproofing - Roofs, balconies, terraces

  • Mariseal 270 under tiles

  • Mariseal 300 Water tanks, artificial pools, etc,

  • Mariseal 400 Finish for domestic traffic

  • Mariseal 420 Finish for vehicular and pedestrian traffic

  • Mariseal 600 Waterproofing of foundations, basements

  • Mariseal Detail Waterproofing of details

  • Maritrans Transparent protective waterproofing

  • Maripool Waterproofing and finishing of swimming pools.

Environmentally neutral

Environmentally neutral

Does not react with water and does not release any harmful substances into the environment. Can be used in swimming pools and tanks.

Maintains its mechanical properties - Temperature range of -30°C to +90°C - Provides water vapour permeability - Provides full surface adhesion - Provides sun reflectivity, UV resistant.

Economical application

Economical application

  • Easy and fast application
  • Fills cracks in the surface
  • Full surface adhesion
  • Cold application, no flame.

Binds firmly during curing Express repair in case of damage

Stress-free use

Stress-free use

  • Low cost
  • Surface can be used for pedestrian traffic

Decorative qualities, choice of colours

Resistant to common detergents, oils and chemicals ISO9001, ISO14000, DIN 1928, DIN 4102 part 1 (fire resistance B2), DIN 4102 part 7 (spark and radiant heat resistant coating)

certification and standards

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